GAN 12 Ui FreePlay 旗艦智能 3x3扭計骰


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商品簡介: 一般的智能扭計骰因為要內置芯片,藍牙,電池、還有充電口等相關必須的組件,在那麼小的空間內,還要完成扭計骰的拼接和轉動,所以無法兼顧競速扭計骰的輕盈和暴力扭動下的順滑; 但新推出的GAN 12 Ui Free Play智能扭計骰:兼具了【競速扭計骰手感】+【GAN智能扭計骰4年的技術沉澱】合二為一,是智能扭計骰的巔峰之作。 Product Description: Typical smart cubes require built-in components such as chips, Bluetooth, batteries, charging ports, and other necessary parts. Given the limited space, it's challenging to design and rotate the cube while maintaining the lightweight and smooth rotation characteristics of speed cubes. However, the newly launched GAN 12 Ui Free Play series of smart cubes combines the feel of professional speed cubes with four years of GAN's smart cube technology. It represents the pinnacle of smart cube design. 條款於細則: 1. ***本產品不適用於外國收貨地址*** 2. 如有非會員/非香港收貨地址的客人下單並支付成功,任何情況下本店均不會發貨,並會按本店條款征收訂單總額的15%作為退款行政費並進行退款,請見諒! Terms & Conditions of this product: 1. ***This product could not be shipped outside Hong Kong. *** 2. If customers from outside Hong Kong, non-members placed an order for this item and paid successfully, we will not ship out your order under any circumstances. We will process a refund for your order after deducting 15% of the total amount of order for the refund processing fee. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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